Education and Training:

- Arrange refer employees to accredited SAQA registered centres to be provided with wide range of training and skills aimed at both the Administration, technical and business aspects of the Construction Industry.
- Through the successful completion of the courses, employees are empowered to run successfully the construction business.
- Continued professional development.

Our Accreditation:

- Empoweright Rating, Level 1 contributor with 135% recognition Level (2013 CoGP).
- Tax Clearance Certification: NR. 9089046149
- IRCA (Health and Safety) certification: NR.
- COID – Letter of Good Standing: Registration NR. 990000065409
- (ECA) Electrical Construction Association (SA): Membership NR. NQ00078
- (PIRB) Plumbing Industrial Regulation Board: NR.
- Electrical Contractor – Department of Labour: Registration Number: GN 03343
- Member of Ariba:NR.
- South African Supplier Diversity Council: Reference: 0027-12/2014-S00331GP-L01.


- Informative web site,
- Word of mouth (men to men talk),
- General advertising and Promotion,
- Logo on business vehicles, PPE, stationery,